Aramil Liadon
Basic Information
Home Evereska
Gender Male
Race Moon elf
Rules Information
Class Swashbuckler


Aramil was born into a prominent elven family from Evereska. Since very young Aramil remembers wanting to be a protector as he was somewhat shunned and ridiculed for being "the runt". He spent his childhood trying to fit in and make friends.

While young he learned to use his size and superior dexterity to his advantage, which came in handy when helping with the ranch chores. He trained in his spare time to master the elven blades inorder to gain the honor of wielding his ancestors weapon in defense of all that was good and right in the world. Since hearing of the fabled "champions of corellon" he's been working towards the goal of becoming one of these champions.

Upon reaching adulthood Aramil left Evereska to learn of the rest of the world and shine a light into it's different corners...