Human female wizard.


Blawynn is fairly average of build and unremarkable to look at in most other ways as well. She dresses practically for the environments she must live in and is burdened by a wide variety of arcane paraphernalia and notes on the various creatures she encounters.


Above all else, Blawynn is inquisitive. She has difficulty leaving a puzzle unsolved or a secret unknown. Interacting with others she tends to be closed off and quiet unless discussing a topic of personal interest to her.

Blawynn's most prominent traits are curiosity, caution and a strangely persistent sense of good cheer. She is focused to the point of obsession on her quest for knowledge and is smart enough to be careful, but so long as she is engaged somehow in the process of learning something she tends to be happy.

Even tempered by caution Blawynn's curiosity tends to get her in trouble, particularly with other people. She treats secrets as simply more puzzles to be solved, and usually doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.


Blawynn is the second daughter of a minor noble in a nearby land. She was apprenticed to the local court wizard when she was 12 after showing a minor magical talent and an unusual skill for riddles and puzzles. She studied on every subject imaginable for the next 10 years at which point her apprenticeship was considered over. She took a particular interest in naturally occurring magic such as that found in the various fantastic beasts which dot the world and has since been working to gather and publish information on such creatures. In the pursuit of this goal she has joined up with numerous adventuring parties going into strange and out of the way places in the hope of seeing things and creatures which no one has laid eyes upon before.




Spell Focus(Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Scribe Scroll, Craft Wondrous Item