Natural monstrous humanoid
Type Natural monstrous humanoid
Subtype (Scaled One)
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Chy'flen are reptilian humanoids who dwell in regions of great heat. They are cruel raiders and marauders.


Chy'flen are distant relatives of lizardfolk, the product of either natural evolution or deliberate magical tampering.

They breed and train ostrichlike reptilian birds known as giant striders.

Chy'flen are carnivores who prefer to dine on the flesh of humans and other humanoids, though they will also eat herd animals and even rodents if need be. They enjoy human flesh most, followed by elves, dwarves, and then everything else. They believe that torturing their prey to death makes it tastier.


Chy'flen generally dwell in volcanic environments, but can be encountered in any region with sufficiently hot temperatures, such as deserts. They can't abide cold desert nights and take shelter around a heat source (such as giant strider droppings) until at least a few hours after sunrise. They often serve red dragons

Vast armies of Chy'flen struggle to occupy any islands of solid matter in the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Typical physical characteristicsEdit

Chy'flen are scaly, reptilian humanoids about the same size as humans. They have mottled dark or grayish brown hides, darkest along their spines and fading to white on their bellies. Their knees are, from the perspective of humanity, reversed. Their eyes are large orbs as dark as night.

Chy'flen eggs are guarded by the priests and kept warm near volcanic vents or in giant strider dung, along with the eggs of their giant strider mounts. Those who fail to hatch quickly may be killed by the priests, though this is a rare occurrence normally used as an excuse to slay the children of rivals.


Chy'flen are usually neutral evil.


Chy'flenare sadistic creatures who delight in torture and murder. They live in tribes that almost never get along with one another, and in fact Chy'flen are at war with one another as often as with any other species. It is a great honor for them to destroy the eggs of rival tribes.

A Chy'flen tribe is ruled by its most charismatic member, called the overlord, who plans raids, assigns warriors to watch various trade routes, and ensure that the members of the tribe are properly trained. Priests run most of the tribe's day-to-day activities.

Those Chy'flen found guilty of crimes, such as stealing food or murdering fellow members of the tribe, are tortured for at least three days and then fed to their own mounts.

Chy'flen tend not to remain in relationships with their mates for very long.


Chy'flen worship Kossuth, fashioning great golden idols in the hope of currying their deity's favor.


Chy'flen speak Draconic.