Darlington was settled long ago. The town sits on a very low spot of land, right above a natural water source. This makes the digging of wells easy.


Darlington has an electoed mayor that serves for four years.

Places of InterestEdit

  • Oldetown People’s Market: A combination farmers’ and flea market, the People’s Market sets up daily. The market is busiest before noon and closes around 3 pm. This is the place to find exotic goods from the latest trade caravan .
  • The Roosting Dragon: A simple and inexpensive inn and restaurant owned by Tam and Lara Geldstein located in Oldetown.
  • The Stonewater Inn: A large and well-appointed inn and stable that caters to adventurers and travelers located at the intersection of Oldetown and the Terrace District. The place is renowned for live music and storytelling. The bartender, Thalus, and his ward and assistant, Tuomas, pride themselves on outstanding service.
  • Zelig’s Zaubermarkt: A small, plain-fronted shop with a tiny showroom, the real treasures are behind Zellig’s curtain. This Terrace District shop is the best place in Erenheim to buy, trade, or sell magical gear.

T*he Dying Sun: a seedy tavern catering to dock workers and sailors.

  • Aurelian Shillelagh Wines & Spirits: A fine wine and liquor store and tasting room. The place is owned by the ex-adventurer and alcohol expert Joll Goldhammer, a good source of comradery and information about nobles and politics.

The Shambles: This district was devastated when a massive landslide buried blocks of the city. The place was abandoned except by squatters and the occasional restless spirit.

  • Dvergberg: Known as Dwarf Town by many humans, this industrious community of dverg produces stone and metalwork of excellent quality.