Words and phrases commonly used by Gnolls.


Odda– Food

Ahddsa = Hole, pit, well

Ahglet = To fight or kill

Braht = Huge, immense

Brah Nahk = Long Night = Death

Dekt = Tooth, fang

Ghul = Great, huge, best

Haeb = Term for Forest Goblins

Jhodda = Hungry One Name for the Trolls found in the Palood and other places

JhoddaMahr = Hungry Dead (Ghouls & Vampires)

Jhugga = Name for the Mountain Ogres which frequently serve as mercenaries

Jhugga-Ghul = Name for the Giants

Jhuppi = Kobolds

Jhurka = Orcs

Jhurmm = Dwarves

Jhurtha = Humans

Jhuzzak = Elves

Kha = King or Chieften, War Leader

Kha-Ghul = High King or Great Chief

                  Chopo Chog = Current Goblin King (Kha-Ghul Chopo Chog)

Kho = Goblin sages, record keepers, wizards etc

Kholak = Books, scrolls or tablets of Goblin history, scriptures and prophecy

Kholak-Ghul = Oldest and greatest of the books.

MuhMahr = Walking Dead (Zombies & Skeletons)

Nahk = Night

Odda = food

Ruht = House or dwelling

Brah Ruht = Great House, palace,

Nahk Ruht = Tomb

Saar = The Sun

Ske = Goblin warrior, any male old enough to fight and not one of the Kho.

Sketh = Goblin Morningstar

Stuhl = Goblin spear or javelin

Tal = Unit of measuring distance. 1 Tal = 1/2 mile

Tehn = come, go, to travel

Yuh = Clan, family, group