Groxar of the Dark Jungle
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Orc
Rules Information
Class Druid


Groxar was an established and well-regarded druid of the orcish empire for several decades before the war with the elves of the east. Much of the land was devastated, with great swathes of the wilderness being burned to the ground by the elves' fiery elemental servants.

When it became clear that the jungle, and the communities of orcs that dwelled within it, would not recover naturally, he began experimenting with less-common magic - arcane, lycanthropic, even diabolic. His obsession gradually tainted his sanity - though he is slightly mad now, he's not omnicidal or outright dangerous; just... kooky.

He's joined the adventuring party to try and find new ways to restore the jungle, and might just manage it. His fellows keep him around because he's not really dangerous, and, hey, he turns into a tiger and kills goblins.