Harlin is a hlaf elf crusader of Heironeous.


Harlin is a tall, stocky pile of armor. Few have ever seen his face, aside from the green sparkle of his eyes or a glint off his golden hair through his visor. He is clad at all times, it seems, in shining platemail. Across his back a peculiar sword is holstered, a gift from his dear Uncle, a family heirloom.


Harlin is chivalrous and thoughtful, implacable in battle, and just a hair on the dull-witted side. He has an inspirational aire about him.

Harlin is ashamed of being a half-breed, but has a driving need to learn more about his elven heritage and ancestors. He is driven by instinct to protect those who cannot protect themselves, which lead him to the Light of Heironeous. He rarely invokes the deity's name, unless he is calling down his God's wrath on a foe.

Shaky (-2 to ranged attacks) - Harlin's inneptitude for ranged combat lead to him shunning ranged weaponry altogether.

Poor Reflexes (-3 Reflex saves) = Harlin's a clumsy oaf.


Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Ring of Sustenance, Healing belt Categories:Half elves