This template may be added to the following races: Human, Damhfear, any Motherborn, and any Fatherborn. It can be either an inherited or acquired template, depending on individual circumstance. Earthen cannot acquire this template, as they are already magically-infused, and Duskin are ineligible due to an incompatibility at a base level.

Magic-Blooded people are little different from others of their kind, though they tend to be a little more flighty and fickle. They have an innate sense for the arcane energy that flows around them, and thus almost always become some kind of spontaneous arcane caster. Magic-Blooded people are a relatively new addition to the world, and are still very rare. They pop up randomly in any population, though they are slightly more common in the central Heartland than any other location.

Racial TraitsEdit

Ability Adjustments: A Magic-Blooded creature retains her base race's ability adjustments. In addition, she gains +2 Charisma and -2 Wisdom. Vision: A Magic-Blooded creature loses her base race's special visual capabilities and gains low-light vision. Skills: A Magic-Blooded creature gains Spellcraft as an in-class skill for any class she takes, and may use Spellcraft even if untrained. Spell-Like Abilities: A Magic-Blooded Creature retains any spell-like abilities her base race has and also gains the ability to use detect magic and read magic each once per day (caster level equals her character level). Favored Class: Sorcerer. Level Adjustment: +0

This template appears in Dragon Magazine #306, though I have made a few minor adjustments to better fit the campaign setting (also to tone down the power level - the original also gave a +2 bonus to two skills and two extra 1st level spell-like abilities; a +0 template should not be a net gain).