Oarrick is a taller Catfolk, his fur is completely black, he has a bald spot on his where one of his friends hurt him with his claws, leaving three scars. His yellow eye hide behind glasses.


He grew up in a small catfolk village, until the age of 10 he lived without a worry, happy to live and explore his forest area, then on his tenth birthday it was fore told he would be one to protect his village from enemies and that he would be the next chieftain, and so begin his rigorous training, and he was trained in every weapon he could be, and taught how to act in times where politics were involved, days, months, and year went by, and as his skill grew he was given more names, as was tradition in his tribe, the greatest heros of his history having names that would take minutes to fully speak. but he grew tired of it, and after 10 years, ran away to begin adventuring.