Female Mountain dwarf female rogue.


Ovja is scrawny by dwarf standards, with wiry, sinewy musclulature. Her belt is ringed by various pouches, some bulging, some seemingly empty. She carries a well-crafted waraxe typical of her kind, and a small one-handed crossbow sits comfortably in a holster on her thigh. Her beard contributes to the fiery pony-tail that reaches below her shoulders.


Ovja is businesslike and gruff, and often mistakes her pessimism for "realism." She's never shirked a task, and the smart money says he never will.

Ovja is meticulous in most things, careful, considering, calculating. "A thing worth doin' is a thing worth doin' right," Pappy always says.

Ovja is terrible with names, and usually refers to folks by some physical characteristic or (sometimes unflattering) nickname. This puts quite a few folks off.

Ovja has a distinct and burning hatred for Duerger, having lost her fiance` to a deep-dwarf raiding party several years ago. Unable to think of replacing her dear Gribon, she took up adventuring and has forsaken her birthrights to his father's "toy shop." (Baggir Rockdropper's shop is THE place to go for toys for young dwarfs, and for devices of goblin torture/slaughter)

Ovja is a fairly successful adventurer with special expertise towards underground expeditions. Due in no small part to her remarkable abilities with trap discovery and disabling. Besides she works pretty cheap!


Martial Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Waraxe, Weapon Focus: Dwarven Waraxe

Magic ItemsEdit

Boots of Gravity