Sword Coast North
Geographical information
Area Northwest Faerûn
Societal information
Races Template:Percentage table
Population 660,960
Imports Books, manufactured items, magic items, miners, pottery, spices
Exports Gems, leather goods, mercenaries, Neverwinter's crafts, precious metals, timber
Alignment All
Political information
Government City-states

Inhabitants of the Sword Coast North
Locations on the Sword Coast North
Settlements on the Sword Coast North

The Sword Coast North is a region on the northwestern coast of Faerûn that stretches from Waterdeep in the south and to the Spine of the World north and to the Sword Coast to the west and to the Long Road to the east. Neverwinter, Port Llast, Luskan, and Icewind Dale are all part of the Sword Coast North. Because of its quasi-lawless, "frontier" setting, being a place where all races can meet and interact.


The first great realms to appear in the region known as the Sword Coast north was that of Illefarn. Existing thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Illefarn was a comtemporary of Netheril, consisting of both dwarves and elves. Illefarn survived the Fall of Netheril, until the elves left for Evermeet. Northlanders and other humans began migrating into the region a few years before DR1.