Verenestra is the fey deity of Female Faeries, Charm, and Beauty. Her symbol is a filigree-edged silver mirror. Verenestra is the daughter of Titania and one of the Inner Circle of the Seelie Court. She is prone to jealousy, and avoids other goddesses of beauty, love, and romance such as Hanali Celanil.


Verenestra appears as a demure, slim female faerie (either a sylph, dryad, or nymph, as she chooses) of unearthly, fey beauty. She is always barefooted, wearing only gossamer garments the size of handkerchiefs to provide her with a semblance of modesty. She stands four and a half feet in height.


Verenestra travels with the Seelie Court. She has her own bower there with silver birches, larches, plane trees, and fringes of willows, decorated with living silver filigree and jewels, with many mirrors inside for the goddess to gaze at herself in.


Verenestra is a fickle, vain creature, but wise enough to know that she must help protect all the faerie realms in order to ensure that her patron races remain safe. Therefore, she is loyal to the Seelie Court despite her flighty, inconstant nature. She may occasionally send avatars to the Prime Material Plane to abduct handsome males. Worshipers

Verenestra is revered primarily by dryads, nymphs, and sylphs.